Aufbruch in eine neue Zeit


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Die Zukunft hat gerade erst begonnen!

Wir befinden uns soeben in einer der spannendsten Zeiten, an die sich unser Planet überhaupt erinnern kann. Sicherlich: es ist dies auch eine Zeit des Chaos, der riesigen Veränderungen, des Loslassens und des Abschiednehmens. Nach Zeiten grosser Ausdehnung kommen immer Zeiten des intensiven Zusammenziehens. Zum Leben gehört eben alles dazu … Wir gehen jetzt wie durch einen Geburtskanal durch, werden hineingeschoben und zusammengepresst. Was vor uns liegt, sehen wir momentan nicht, denn wir sind völlig auf diesen Prozess konzentriert. Wir brauchen alle Kräfte im Hier und Jetzt.

Die aufregendste Zeit steht uns jedoch erst bevor: nur die Vorstellung, an jedem Morgen zu einem Abenteuer zu erwachen und aus ganzer Kraft mit allen anderen Lebewesen auf dieser Erde an einem neuen Muster im Gewebe des Leben zu weben, kann jetzt schon unser Herz erwärmen. Wenn unsere wahren Kräfte erst befreit und losgelöst sind, dann werden wir selbst überrascht sein, mit welcher Begeisterung und Kreativität wir an alles herangehen werden. Wir werden wieder zu Schöpfern unseres Lebens – in Übereinstimmung mit unserem Planeten, der Erde.

Unsere Träume und Visionen sind jetzt wichtig, denn aus ihnen gestalten wir das, was wir wirklich haben wollen – unsere Zukunft und die Zukunft der Erde. Und hier finden sich einige Anregungen, wie wir das Chaos gestalten und zulassen können … Mein neues Buch „Die grosse Flut“ aus der Trilogie „Gesang der Wale“ kann uns dabei wertvolle Unterstützung leisten.


Sept 3, 2012

Departing towards new Worlds…

Extraordinary changes are around the corner, and the planetary evolution progresses at a high speed. Nobody can withdraw the great change anymore. High waves seem to be building right in front of us, and they are incredibly powerful.

Which for me means, that personally big decisions and changes are to be made on many levels – mainly, so I will be able to best support the planet and humankind during the final transition into the new world and into a new consciousness.

Therefore, I will finish my work as it was (at least for now) because it more and more shows up, that some of us will have to free all their capacity in order to take over a new task.

During the last twenty years, thousands of people could learn through my work, how to go deeper and thus how to trust themselves. Each one of you who has worked intensely on cultivating your own inner garden, will now have the strength and the stamina to go through what is to come. You will be able to ride the waves that come along our way. And you will realize that those waves will lead us into an absolutely new life – one, that is certainly highly fulfilling.

And those who have failed until now to listen to themselves and to trust life, might face new challenges. Not that you be scared, but that you finally wake up too. It is always our own decision how we want to shape our life, and whether we want to partake in it and move on.

It is a major job to support people in their healing process. And yet, it is a much bigger step to realize, when the time has come to step out (of this work), so that people can learn to stand on their own feet, and to grow up and take full responsibility for their own (inner) healing process. Which will be the most basic thing to learn…

One of Gautam Buddha’s most significant contributions to the spiritual life of humankind was to insist to his disciples, “Be a light unto yourself.” Ultimately, each of us must develop within ourselves the capacity to make our way through the darkness without any companions, maps or guide. (Osho Zen Tarot)

The pressure is on… My job will change now. And only when the process of transformation and initiation is accomplished, will I know what my next task will be.

May we all enjoy this coming huge journey! And what lies ahead of us, will become a time of celebration and joy, the more we stay centered and the more we deeply live from our heart.

Blessings! Magda ps: I might not be able to answer all your emails!



Darkness is greatest before the Dawn



Translation: Heidi Kerschl, UK

We are currently experiencing one of the most exciting times in the memory of our planet. Admittedly, this is also a time of chaos, a time of massive changes, of letting go and saying farewell. Times of strong expansion are always followed by times of intense contraction. It’s all part of life… We are passing into the birth channel, we are being pushed and squeezed. We can’t see what’s ahead of us, we are completely focussed on the process we’re going through. We need all our strength for the here and now.

However, the most exciting times are still ahead: The realisation that we wake up every morning to a new adventure, to weave the new fabric of life with all the other living beings on Earth will warm our hearts, and give us courage. When we have managed to release our true strengths, we will be amazed how creative and resourceful we can be. Once again, we will become the creators of life, in harmony with our planet.

Our visions and dreams have never been more important than now. They will guide us, help us shape the future we choose for our planet and ourselves. My new book “Die grosse Flut” (The great Flood), the first volume in my trilogy “Gesang der Wale” (Song of the Whales; currently available in German only), will give you some ideas and suggestions about how we can accept and structure this time of chaos…